Corporate Governance-Highlights

At CytRx, we believe that conducting compliant, ethical and transparent business is critical to our long-term success. Ethics, integrity, honesty and accountability provide the foundation upon which we fulfill our responsibilities to our stockholders, customers and employees.

Ethics Policy
Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (pdf) sets forth CytRx's standards of behavior for all employees.

Board Committee Charters
Our corporate governance committees of our Board of Directors are composed of the following board members. As our Lead Director, Louis Ignarro, Ph.D. , serves on all of the governance committees. Each charter sets forth the respective committee’s responsibilities and its rules of operation; links to copies of the charters can be found on this page.


Audit Committee
Joel Caldwell, CPA - Chairman
Louis Ignarro, Ph.D.
Dr. Earl W. Brien, M.D.
Audit Committee Charter (pdf).


Compensation Committee
Louis Ignarro, Ph.D.- Chairman
Earl W. Brien, M.D
Joel Caldwell, CPA
Compensation Committee Charter (pdf).


Nomination and Governance Committee
Louis Ignarro, Ph.D. - Chairman
Earl W. Brien, M.D.
Nomination and Governance Committee Charter (pdf).


Strategy Committee
Dr. Earl Brien, M.D. – Chairman
Louis Ignarro, Ph.D.
Joel Caldwell, CPA


Committee Charters

Governance Documents. The following documents, along with the charters of the committees of the Board of Directors, set forth the framework for the governance of CytRx Corporation: